Community Service

  1. SC 2020, Program Committee Member
  2. MSST 2020, Program Committee Member
  3. IPDPS 2020, Program Committee Member
  4. Cluster 2020, Program Committee Member
  5. CCGrid 2020, Program Committee Member
  6. MASCOTS 2019, Program Committee Member
  7. HPC-IODC, Program Committee Member
  8. Datacloud , Program Committee Member
  9. ScienceCloud , Program Committee Member
  10. TDM, Program Committee Member


  1. CS450: Operating Systems
  2. CS485: Computers in Society (Best Teaching Assistant of the Year Award)
  3. CS546: Parallel and Distributed Processing
  4. CS550: Advanced Operating Systems


Hariharan DevarajanPhDParallel and Distributed Systems,
Parallel I/O optimizations,
HPC systems,
Key-Value Store solutions
4th year
Jaime Cernuda PhDDistributed Systems,
Streaming Applications
HPC Systems
2nd year
Neeraj RajeshPhDDistributed Systems,
Monitoring, Resource Management
HPC Systems
3rd year
Keith BatemanPhDDistributed Storage,
High-Performance Computing,
1st year
Luke LoganPhDDistributed Storage,
High-Performance Computing,
Specialized Kernel Development
1st year
Jie YePhDDistributed Systems,
Streaming Applications
HPC Systems
1st year
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  1. Anthony Fleck, Undergraduate
  2. Adnan Haider, Undergraduate (IBM, Jump Trading)
  3. Mohsin Haider, Undergraduate
  4. Miles Hood, Undergraduate
  5. Michael Welch, Undergraduate
  6. Nikhita Kataria, Master (now at Facebook)
  7. Shringa Bais, Master
  8. Chandana Ravindra Prasad, Master
  9. Bhagyashree Bhimsen Bagwe, Master
  10. Venkata Naga Prajwal Chalia, Master
  11. Umashankar Rajaram, Master
  12. Srivatsa Hanasoge Chandrashekar, Master
  13. Pradyot Mayank, Master
  14. Priyanka Singh, Master
  15. Daniel Wojtowicz, Undergraduate
  16. Juan Pablo Melgarejo Zamora, Master
  17. Inaki Segura, Master
  18. Deepika Padmanabhan, Master

Honors and Awards

  1. Karsten Schwan Best Paper Award for my work LABIOS at the 28th International ACM Symposium on High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing - HPDC (June'19)
  2. Commencement Graduate Speaker at Computer Science Academic Unit Graduation Ceremony (May 2019)
  3. Best Student Paper of the Year by Illinois Institute of Technology (May 2018)
  4. Teaching Assistant of the Year by Illinois Institute of Technology (May 2014)
  5. ACM SIGARCH Travel Award to attend HPDC'18 (June 2018)
  6. ACM SIGARCH Travel Award to attend IPDPS'17 (June 2017)
  7. Scholarship by the TSAO foundation for outstanding academic performance (May 2014)
  8. Fellowship by University of Piraeus for academic excellence-top 3 of the class, at the M.Sc. program (Jan 2012)


  1. Founder and President of the Computer Science - Graduate Student Association
  2. Student Volunteer at International KES IDT/IIMSS 2011
  3. Student Volunteer at IEEE CCGrid 2014
  4. Student Volunteer at IEEE Cluster 2015
  5. Student Volunteer at IEEE IPDPS 2016

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